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Great site. Easy to use. Very helpful. Finding exactly
what I am looking for.


My daughter has so much trouble with money and this
site is great it has so many activities to help her with change thank you!

Your worksheets are great! I have a 1st grader who gets dimes and
nickels confused so I hope these help him!

This site has given us ALOT of ideas on how to teach our kids about
money. Thank you.

I teach special education and this site has given
me so much material this week!!! I am heading toward a token economy where they
get paid for being a student but they must buy their pencils, pay rent for their
desk, pay if their late to class ,etc. Your material has been helpful in
beginning my money, checks, etc unit! The more you create, the more I find in
that direction the better I like it! Thanks!

This section on counting coins is great! I
can get many different worksheets quickly and choose which combination of
coins to use!

This website is such a wonderful resource. You can drill individual students
with a different worksheet each day and maintain the goal of counting pennies
and nickels or whatever combination suits until they get it. Just keep hitting
the refresh button. GREAT!!!!!!!

I was very pleased to find your site when I began doing workshops with
high school students on life skills regarding banking, cash flow, debt, etc. It
has been very useful


I teach
Personal Finance to seniors and definitely appreciate your site!

Hello, your site is great! I’ve been in the banking business for 31
years, and I volunteer teach Money Management to all kinds of groups.

Your website is great!  I am a teacher of young adults with special needs and
the materials for checking accounts, checkbook, etc., are a big help for me. 

I’m using this information and problems for my Consumer Math class for
11-12th graders… I really enjoy using this web site.

We love the interactive games in third grade!

The activities are very creative and useful!
Excellent division of skills levels and concepts! Thanks for the thorough and
expansive coverage of concepts!

The random generator is a superb feature! Great
for extra practice for both remediation and challenge work. Thanks!

What a great site! I work with students with
special needs and it’s a wonderful resource. Thanks!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for making the
time card worksheets. I wasn’t expecting to see them put up so quickly. I’ve
been making my own for the class. Thanks a bunch. I’m so glad that I found this
site!  Your site is a life saver.

I love these worksheets. I teach 9-12 mentally
handicapped students and using these help them a lot.

I am new to your web site. The work sheets are great.

My students love these worksheets! We are using
calculators to add the coins.

I love this site for teaching my students real life
math skills…. Thanks!

Thanks for the great ideas. My special education high school students
really learned this semester!

First time here personally I think your great ! Thanks
for making an “ole Granny” look good

I love your worksheets. I am working with an autistic
child who has NO concept of money. The variety and amount of sheets you have
is a godsend to me. I can’t thank you enough.

This is a great site. Thanks for the worksheets they
were a big help!

I look forward to using your website in my curriculum
and sharing its wonderful advantages with my many homeschool friends.

I LOVE the site…I teach pre-pre GED to kids 16-24,
some of whom have math and language skills that most 3rd or 4th graders
have, so this is really a great learning site for them…keep up the great

I love your worksheets. they are very handy for my

Thanks for the wonderful unit on checkbook maintenance! I am a
special education teacher of high school students and this type of
functional academics is EXACTLY what I need!

This site is great… I really appreciate the access to free materials.
I have recommended your site to other teachers in my district.

I love these worksheets. They are so motivating for my students as they
are learning a great deal and making good progress because the worksheets are so
fun and motivating. I am a Special Education teacher and I love the way I can
select varying levels of difficulty for the same concepts. It make modifying and
adapting so much easier. Your program saves me hours and hours of time with a
much more professional look to the activity sheets than I could design myself. I
am subscribing to your program as long as I teach. Thank you for designing such
rewarding and motivating lessons that help the students become more skillful
learning life skills.

Thanks, love
the site already!  It is cool… have checked it out before and thought that
it was so awesome!  Had to come back again and again!

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