Three Ways Insurance Companies Need To Rethink The Role Of Agents

Founder and CEO of on a mission to make the insurance buying process more efficient.

It used to be that if you asked someone who they’re insured with, they’d give you their insurance agent’s name. Billions of dollars in advertising later, people now name their carrier and barely remember the agent that signed them on. Meanwhile, the brick and mortar agencies are waning in importance, and companies like Nationwide are moving to a virtual workforce model. In my role as a CEO overseeing an insurance-technology platform, I’ve observed one thing that remains the same despite all the confusing shifts over the past few decades: Insurance agents are still the primary sales channel for insurers.

Even though carriers can communicate directly with consumers at a lower cost, insurance agents who bring profitable business to carriers are a valued and integral part of the insurance distribution chain. Here’s how future

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16 Creative Ways To Generate Business Leads Virtually

To say that the marketing industry has changed drastically over the last six months is an understatement at best. Most events and trade shows have gone virtual, meaning that presentations are limited to online-only locations. For many marketers, this means a change in the paradigm of how they interact with customers.

The entire idea of generating leads through discussion and direct approaches now needs to be reevaluated. Luckily, there are concrete ways to create leads through these virtual events and conferences as well. Sixteen members of Forbes Business Development Council share several methods that businesses and marketers alike can adopt to help them generate leads through virtual events.

1. Promote Value-Added Virtual Content

A reliable lead generation approach is to curate and promote value-added virtual content. For example, this can be a white

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Channel Arbitrage And Other Ways Fintech Is Disrupting Financial Services

Technology is shifting the way industries market to, acquire, and serve consumers. To understand how technology will impact the financial services industry, I turned to Jonathan Metrick, the Chief Growth Officer for Portage Ventures, a fintech focused VC. Below are his insights.

Kimberly Whitler: How does your experience provide a unique perspective on tech and the financial services industry?

Jonathan Metrick: My unique perspective comes from my experience on both the investing & operating sides of fintech (financial technology). My role as Chief Growth Officer at Portage Ventures allows me to see the breadth of the industry, by advising over a dozen fintech businesses across our global portfolio on marketing & growth. Prior to this role, I was the CMO of Policygenius, the leading insurtech marketplace in the US, where I gained deep expertise building a marketing division of +40 and helping scale the business 10x in three

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3 Ways for Small Business Owners to Make Their Vote Count

On November 3, as usual, small business owners will bring one of the highest voter turnouts of any group, with 93 percent of owners expected to vote in this year’s presidential election. Your business probably shares a lot of the same concerns with other small business owners, especially in these pandemic-stressed times. 

Politicians looking to win the small business vote should start by addressing the two largest barriers to entry entrepreneurs face when starting a business: access to capital and the implicit bias in capital decisions that limits opportunities for the New Majority of small business owners. In the last 10 years, New Majority entrepreneurs have represented more than 50% of new businesses started in this country, creating 4.7 million new jobs, yet these owners are largely excluded in funding. Only 5.5 percent of women-owned businesses in the U.S. access capital from banks or other financial institutions compared to 11.4

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9 ways to spot personal loan scams

Consumers lost a total of $1.9 billion collectively to fraudulent practices in 2019, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Debt consolidation, medical bill payment and other services can offer attractive personal loan options and lure in unsuspecting consumers who then learn that the lender was nothing more than a fraud.

a group of people sitting at a table: Couple discussing finances with lawyer

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Couple discussing finances with lawyer

How can you determine whether a loan company is legitimate? Here are common signs of a potential loan scam.


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Get pre-qualified

Answer a few questions to see which personal loans you pre-qualify for. The process is quick and easy, and it will not impact your credit score.

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What are personal loan scams?

Loan scams are fraudulent businesses that prey on consumers who are looking for quick solutions to their financial problems, says Daniel Hill, a CFP and president of Hill Wealth Strategies. They’re typically found online, with no storefront

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From gold loan to loan against FD, 7 ways to get a loan quickly in times of Covid-19

a can of soda: From gold loan to loan against FD, 7 ways to get a loan quickly in times of Covid-19

© Provided by The Financial Express
From gold loan to loan against FD, 7 ways to get a loan quickly in times of Covid-19

a can of soda: loan, instant loan, gold loan, loan against FD, Covid-19 Personal Loans, Pre-Approved Personal Loans, Loan Against Property, Top Up Loans, 7 ways to get a loan quickly, in times of Covid-19,

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loan, instant loan, gold loan, loan against FD, Covid-19 Personal Loans, Pre-Approved Personal Loans, Loan Against Property, Top Up Loans, 7 ways to get a loan quickly, in times of Covid-19,

Financial emergencies often come uninvited. While it is recommended that individuals have contingencies in place to deal with emergencies, not everyone can have this set up. Therefore, individuals often have to turn towards loans to help them overcome their financial stress.

“Most often, people use their fixed assets and debt-free properties as collateral to avail mortgage loans at reasonable interest rates. Bonds, shares and mutual funds are other forms of financial instruments that can be leveraged to obtain loans at affordable rates as compared to personal loans,” says Anuj

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6 ways to boost your emergency fund in a pandemic economy

As many of us grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of an emergency fund has come into sharp focus. But how do you save in a pandemic economy?

a baby sitting on a table: A father and daughter work together.

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A father and daughter work together.

While it’s not easy, there are some strategies you can follow to boost your emergency fund – even when you’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.


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Why you need an emergency fund

Your emergency fund is how you protect your finances from the unexpected. Plus, a liquid emergency fund offers you freedom and flexibility.

“Cash liquidity matters in a stressful financial situation,” says Natalie Torres-Haddad, a financial wellness advocate and the host of the podcast Financially Savvy in 20 minutes. “It can take time to liquidate property and investments. When you need the cash, you need it now.”

Even a small amount can

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Congress Has Many Ways To Boost The Economy By Getting Cash Into People’s Pockets. Which One Is Best?

As Congress scrambles to pass another COVID-19 relief bill, it must decide how best to put money into the hands of people who are suffering from the economic fallout of the pandemic. The three leading choices appear to be: extending enhanced federal unemployment benefits, expanding refundable tax credits, or another round of direct economic impact payments. A fourth idea, President Trump’s plan for a payroll tax holiday, appears dead. But which is best?

Unemployment benefits. In theory, continuing enhanced jobless benefits is a strong choice. It targets aid to those who need it most—people who lost their jobs. But in practice, distributing money through the unemployment system has problems.

The CARES Act included a temporary $600 per week boost

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4 of the Best Ways to Earn Passive Income with Limited Time and Money

who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that earning passive income
doesn’t actually involve zero effort. In most cases, you need to devote some
time and energy to setting up passive income streams before they start yielding

example, many people earn passive income by monetizing their expertise. They
self-publish ebooks or create online courses that share valuable information
with consumers. However, before the earnings begin, they need to create
products. They also need to promote them to ensure potential customers know
they exist.

sometimes discourages people from creating their own passive income streams.
Part of the appeal of earning money on the side with little to no effort is the
fact that busy people don’t have time to boost their earnings by taking on
additional jobs or gigs. Thus, many people interested in earning passive income
are so busy, they lack the time necessary

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50 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2019 | Saving and Budgeting

Ring in the new year.

The start of a new year is a time to make financial resolutions, ditch bad money habits and consider ways to improve your financial health. Throughout the past year, U.S. News has published stories with great advice on how to save money, pay down debt and reach your financial goals. Read on for the best ways to improve your finances in 2019 and beyond.

Negotiate your salary.

One of the most effective ways to stretch your budget, reduce debt or boost savings is to make more money. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But don’t neglect the power of negotiating your salary, either at a new job or at your current job, to increase your earning power and improve your finances.

Get ready for the next financial crisis.

To prepare for the next financial crisis, establish good financial habits, build an emergency fund, pay

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