Personal and Professional Image Consulting for Successful Executives


Personal Images, Inc. specializes in helping corporations and individuals project an executive presence that conveys confidence and success in business and social settings.

Professional image and communications consultant Anna Soo Wildermuth, AICI, CIM, counsels individuals and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and communication skills. You choose the format that best meets your needs: individual consultations, coaching, presentations, seminars, or workshops.

Individual Personal Image Consulting

Anna’s goal is to help individuals strengthen their presence in every setting and for every purpose whether it means how to dress for an interview, a promotion opportunity, or to feel confident and comfortable at social events. Anna develops your unique personal image by:

  • Enhancing your visual presence
  • Coaching on interpersonal skills
  • Strengthening business and social etiquette skills


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Corporate & Executive Image Consulting

The most successful and respected companies in the world take it one step further.  They invest in the image of their most important asset, their employees.
Let Personal Images, Inc. help your employees project their professional brand by:

  • Strengthening executive presence
  • Develop business and social etiquette skills
  • Communicate with impact


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