Move a business on Google


If your business moves, update your address in Google My Business so customers can visit your new location. Do not create a new business listing if you’ve moved from one location to another. You may be asked to verify your new business address once you update it.

Once you’ve updated your address, you can enter your opening date and promote your new location via posts.

If you want to update your address but you don’t own the Google My Business listing, you can request access from the current listing owner. You can also report the incorrect address directly to Google Maps. 

Remove duplicate locations

If you mistakenly created a new listing for your business’s new address and now have two verified listings for the business (one listing for the old address, and one listing for the new address), contact support to remove the duplicate listing. If the new listing is unverified, you can remove it from your account by following these instructions. 

Remove old location from Maps

If you created a new listing for your business at your new business address, you may not be able to remove the old listing for your former location.

If your old location still appears on Maps for your business, contact us. Our support team can mark the business listing for your old location as Moved

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