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Understanding how math intersects with money is at the heart of our money worksheets. While younger kids will learn the value of coins and dollar bills, older students will tackle things like how to make change and how to solve money-specific word problems. Most importantly, our expertly illustrated money worksheets will instill an appreciation for money, including why it should be valued and how to manage it, that will last a lifetime.

The sooner your child understands all the components of money, the sooner she will understand (and appreciate) the value of it. Which is precisely where our money worksheets come into play. Besides teaching young kids fundamentals like the value coin and paper money (and their differences), our money worksheets improve counting, sorting, and basic arithmetic skills. Several printables even put kids in real world money scenarios, like how to make change at a sporting goods store and how to match money amounts to the cost of items at a bake sale.

Speaking of real world scenarios, consider using everyday life events to teach your kids about money. For instance, next time you’re at the store, let your little one pick out a goodie, tell him how much it costs, then hand him several different coins and see if he can match the amount. If you have an older child, tell her that the school clothes you bought her cost $132.75 with a 7.5 percent sales tax rate, and tell her to figure out the total amount you spent. Besides honing math skills, these kinds of activities help kids understand the importance of valuing money.

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