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Now is your time to make a difference in the financial lives of children.

Why Kids’ Money?

How do our kids learn to manage money? At school? By watching TV? From their friends? By their own mistakes? From watching their parents manage their money?

Most kids learn from a combination of all these. But as with every other aspect of education, with the right information and a little commitment, parents and teachers can make a big difference in preparing kids to conquer the many financial challenges they will face as adults.

Kids’ Money is an interactive resource for parents, teachers, teens, kids, organizations and international visitors designed to help children develop successful money management habits and become financially responsible adults. This site continually changes as a result of new comments, suggestions and contributions. Check us regularly, share your experience and your views, and see the difference your input makes.

We’ve been working on our Resources for College & Universities and came across the following video. We think it helps further answer the “Why Kids’ Money?” question.

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