J. Mack Robinson College of Business

  • Payroll management, budget analysis, accounting information systems, organizational control assessments

  • Quantitative risk analysis

  • Financial analysist, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, financial entrepreneurship

  • Internal and external auditing, enterprise risk management

  • Investment banking, private banking, business analysis, commercial banking, underwriting

  • Infrastructure, database management systems, predictive modeling, data mining, machine learning

  • Product Management, digital & social media marketing, market research

  • Information security, network security, cloud computing, hacking, enterprise risk management

  • Big data analytics, text mining and analytics, machine learning, business analytics

  • Enterprise systems, business processes, systems integration, SAP, digital transformation

  • Business ownership, product development, intrapreneurship

  • Financial leadership, financial consulting, financial advising, financial planning, operations management, business analysis

  • Health management, hospital administration, physician practice management, health informatics, health analysis, health systems, health system mangement

  • Hospitality operations, corporate hospitality, international hospitality management, hospitality sales, event planning, franchising

  • Employee relations, training/coaching

  • Information technology, enterprise management, cybersecurity, big data management and analytics

  • Audit and control, information assurance, internal auditing, IT controls, audit analytics, ,IT risk management

  • Global sales, cross-border transactions, international trade, global logistics

  • Executive, operations management, organizational management

  • Market research, marketing strategy, customer relations, data-driven marketing, international marketing

  • Real estate development, commercial real estate brokerage, corporate real estate management

  • Real estate development, commercial real estate brokerage, corporate real estate management

  • Quantitative risk management, modeling, credit risk analysis, market risk analysis, medel validation, financial technology

  • Supply chain analysis, database analysis

  • Tax specialty, auditing, tax law, tax services

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