Investment app that beginners will find useful

Investment app that beginners will find useful

With the latest advancements in technology, new mobile phone apps have emerged and made it easier for an individual to get into the world of investments and start their investmentjourney.Having a solid finance app can help handle your daily financial tasks it will help track your spending and shuffle cash into your investing accounts. This leaves a person with the freedom and flexibility to do more. However,some of the biggest questionspeople ask themselves regarding investment apps are which apps are the best and beginner-friendly. Online reviews are key when it comes to finding reliable apps. Wealth management companies reviews provide reviews of companies offering reliable investment apps. A good phone is also key as it will help handleinvestments apps that may be demanding, mobile phones direct review can help choose a phone that will handle your suitable investment app. In this article, the best investment apps for beginners are reviewed.

Webull App

This is an investment app that seeks to revolutionize the brokerage industry. It is a commission-free stock, ETF and options trading App. It is designed for active traders that need an interface that is more research-oriented and dynamic.Webull app offers traders with several valuable features, including research agency ratings, technical indicators, free margin trading, short selling and financial calendars.

Webull is suitable for active traders as it offers them easy access to research tools, live data and margin. Though beginners can use this App, it bests suits intermediate traders who have had some previous experience in the stock market. Complete beginners may experience information overload with Webull.

M1 Finance App

M1 Finance is an investing app that permits a user to automate investing free of charge. Typically it is a hybrid between a brokerage and Robo-advisor. With the M1 platform, one can invest in a variety of stock and ETFs. A user needs to build their portfolio and then deposit funds after which that can sit back and allow the App to rebalance their portfolio automatically. The user will only be required to continue contributing, as it is possible to automate their whole stock market. The apps platform function through the creation of a portfolio that is known as a pie. In every pie, you select the particular ETFs and stocks that will constitute your pie. For instance, your pie could be 50% Netflix stock and 50% Facebook stock. The MI Finance platform allows a user to have an infinite number of pies and offers the option to have 100 holdings in a single pie. For instance, you can have an income pie and a growth pie.

Security professional on the M1 finance platform also creates an expert pie which the App offers its user. M1 is one of the rare platforms offering such as service on an app that is entirely free. The App’s prebuilt pies are designed for particular investment goals. You can choose to invest for your retirement to follow certain sectors and industries and follow your preferred hedge fund managers.

Public App

This is a social investing app that makes it a reality for individuals to own the companies they believe in with whatever amount of cash. Its objective is to ensure that investment is educational, inclusive and fun. From the platform, members can buy ETFs and slices of stocks and learn from a community of financial experts who are transparent and follow internet-based themes. It also enables a user to invest in funds and stocks. A unique aspect of public App is that it enables a user to follow other investors, exchange investing and experiences, and view their portfolio. Currently, public App doesn’t charge any fee, however as the platform continues to unveil new products, they may start charging a subscription fee. This App’s main objective is to try and make the stock market a collective endeavour by making it possible for members to be part of a community and share mutual wisdom. No minimum amount is needed to buy stock.


Fundraise has made it possible even for the not so wealthy to invest in real estate. It is an online real estate company providing a way to amass your money with other investors to buy into real estate. This is referred to as real estate crowd funding. This is one of the bigger and oldest crowd funding platforms that only require a $500 minimum to invest. Experts in real estate havepointed out that beginners using fundrise should know that it isn’t an avenue to get rich quickly. Instead, it is intended to be a long-term investment

In conclusion, if you are a beginner,with a smartphone and don’t know where to start your investment journey, this article got you, with it you can choose the investment app that you feel it best suits you.

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