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Finance is both the art and science of money management. It is an integral part of all modern economies and also important to the success of any entity: individuals, businesses and government. Finance and Banking program provides the students with the theoretical financial principles, analytical tools, and practical knowledge for making ethical and sound financial decision in a modern business environment.

With the rapid changes in the financial environment, there is in need of specialized individuals with diversified skills and knowledge. To cope with the market needs, Finance and Banking program emphasizes on three core areas including corporate finance, financial institutions, and investment and two major concentrations (Financial Institutions and Investment). Besides, the students can diversify knowledge in business related areas such as Accounting, Business Information Systems, International Business Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Industrial Management, and Insurance. It also prepares the students for a variety of professional careers in both financial and non-financial services industries.

Corporate finance is a study of business operations from the financial manager’s perspectives. It focuses on the understanding of the financial statements, analyzing the financial performance, financial planning and controlling, capital budgeting, capital structure, and valuation.

Financial institutions concentration emphasizes on the financial intermediaries and the financial markets. It provides the students with the understanding of the structure, development, functions, operations, policies, theories, regulations and management of financial intermediaries as well as financial markets. For example, the areas covered are financial theories, foreign exchange transactions, international transactions, risk management, credit analysis and evaluation, fund raising decision, and the impacts on the changes in business and economic environments.

Investment concentration covers the investment choices, investment objectives, investment strategies and portfolio management. The students need to analyze the best alternative investment opportunities given a risk and return objective.

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