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Misleading Credit Card
Indigo; Unsecured Mastercard® – Prior Bankrupt…
On 2020-03-11 by creditforlife

They want you to apply for the card, I have excellent credit, but then they deny me on a $300 CL Card, I have 14 Credit Cards, Always paid on time with minimum payments. This card is for people with bad credit scores and I am a 721 Credit Score. Anyways they denied me then told me I should apply for one of their other cards with…

Had To Cancel The Card They Are Completely Incompetent
eBay MasterCard®
On 2020-01-24 by brenna

When I opened the account, this company mistakenly put my husband’s name on the account while listing my social security number as his. For 3 years I tried to get these people to put my name on the card, not my husbands name, since the account was under my social security number. I called repeatedly as did my husband. We both s…

Love The Store – Hate The Card
Ann Taylor Mastercard®
On 2019-12-15 by at130

The Ann Taylor credit card is the ONLY card I have that does not allow automatic payments and I cannot set up payments in advance for several months. I am an incredibly busy attorney and entrepreneur and keep all my cards and payments on auto so that nothing is missed. The lack of ability to either have auto payments or set up p…

Got It Back
The Platinum Card; from American Express
On 2019-08-06 by mrrob

After a financial collapse many years ago, Amex closed my Platinum Card account. After over 10 years I was approved again. Love it, love the perks.

Better Than I Thought
American Express; Gold Card
On 2019-05-10 by mrrob

This card is better than I thought it would be. Love the perks, they pretty much cover the $250 annual fee. This is my second chance with AMEX, years ago 2006 I filed BK it took 10 years to get back. I was approved for their Delta card and kept paying and never missing a payment. Tried multiple times for the Amex charge card but…

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