Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics Degree

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance and Economic degree from GCU helps students prepare for careers in business and finance. Financial economics degree majors study international trade and finance. They look at how international markets can impact the financial stability of businesses with overseas offices and workforces.

What is the Relationship Between Finance and Economics

A Bachelor of Science degree in finance and economics means GCU students study two major fields within the business sector. They work at the intersection between both finance and economics.

Finance is a field that covers a lot of ground. It broadly refers to acquiring and managing money. Everything from investments to loans are covered in the field of finance.

Economics studies how goods and services are made and distributed. A study of economics includes look at how people use resources like time, land, money and tools. It is sometimes seen as more of a social science than a business field.

The relationship between finance and economics is what GCU students study in this bachelor’s program. The state of businesses, communities and even countries can impact financial decision-making. Therefore, understanding economic conditions can greatly benefit those trying to make sound investments. And, conversely, the status of finances can impact economies small and large.

What You Study in a Finance and Economics Bachelor of Science Degree

At GCU, students who earn a degree in finance and economics receive a well-rounded business education that focuses on two interrelated fields. Graduates will have learned theory, skills and strategies about:

  • Finance
  • Economics- micro, macro and international
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Group behavior in organizations
  • Relationships between monetary environments and financial planning
  • Financial evaluation
  • Legal and ethical business principles

Finance and Economics Career Opportunities

BS in Finance and Economics graduates may gravitate toward jobs in one or the other business fields. Or, they may find work that capitalizes on their unique skill set in bridging the gap between finance and economics. Places looking for people with a finance and economics background may include: international corporations, banks, colleges, universities, nonprofits and insurance companies.

Positions within these environments can vary. GCU graduates with a BS in Finance and Economics might find work as:

  • General and operations managers
  • Treasures and controllers
  • Financial managers
  • Budget, credit and financial analysts
  • Personal finance advisors
  • Loan officers
  • Risk management specialists
  • Investment underwriters
  • Fraud investigators

If earning a degree that combines two major business fields seems appealing, a degree in finance and economics may be a good fit. Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics degree at GCU.

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