How To Identify Fraudulent Money-Making Schemes

Fraudsters will try to trick you with fake brand-name products, credit card fraud, or massive lottery prizes. To know about approaches used by swindlers, look at Iq options. There are positive and bad things happening on the internet, and ongoing efforts to defraud innocent people from their money or identities are among the bad stuff.

Every day, customers who have been subjected to alleged fraud answer questions from the Norwegian regulatory authority. The most common forms of fraud are listed below to warn customers and protect them from fraudulent or malicious business practices.

Cheating online stores

The fraudulent online shops which claim to sell famous products have defrauded many consumers. The product never arrives after you have ordered and prepaid, or you get counterfeit products. Check out our ever-updated reviews from Norskeanmeldelser for fake online shops.

Microsoft software prevents fraud

You will receive a call from an individual who … Read More