California wildfires and Home insurance: Are such damages covered by wildfires?

The wildfires ravaging through California serve as indicators of how fires can be unpredictable just as tornados or earthquakes: Giving no warning and spreading very quickly. Statistics indicate that wildfires annually destroy over 2,500 homes in the U.S. The leading cause of these wildfires has been said to be humans. Humans caused approximately 85% of the fires in U.S. between2000 to 2017, usually through careless activities including burning debris, unattended campfires, discarding cigarettes and misusing equipment among others. Natural causes such as thunderstorms and lightning have also triggered wildfires.With the fires razing California, one might be wondering how home insurance comes in and whether it protects one’s property and finances in the face of such havoc.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover wildfire?

Usually, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers fire damage, including wildfires. If at any time fire ravages your home, then various types of covers can help, rebuild or repair … Read More