The Best Insurance Companies In Every State 2020

When the Coronavirus pandemic forced millions of Americans to work from home to curtail the spread of the virus, cars sat idle in garages and the U.S. economy ground to a halt. There was one silver lining: Traffic and traffic-related accidents plunged.

San Antonio, Texas-based USAA Insurance, America’s fifth largest property-casualty insurer, used the sudden change in driving patterns and accident logs as a cue to return money to its policyholders. In 2020, USAA has returned over $1 billion to its policyholders through “auto insurance dividends,” which are helping to keep

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Protect the economy or the population? The coronavirus dilemma facing governments as protests escalate

Governments trying to contain the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic are facing increased political opposition to the measures they think are necessary to control an alarming new wave, with the number of new infections nearing all-time-highs in many countries.

a chair sitting in front of a building: A closed terrace of a restaurant in Marseille, southern France.

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A closed terrace of a restaurant in Marseille, southern France.

– In France, one of Europe’s countries worst affected by the new spike, the local lockdowns decided by the government are criticized by local authorities. In Marseille, the newly-elected mayor indicated the local police wouldn’t slap fines on restaurants that remain open in violation of a recent government decree.


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– U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing unrest within his own camp over his handling of the crisis. Steve Baker MP, a leading right-winger of the ruling Conservative Party, has asked for Parliament to have “prior approval” of “major measures (…) which take away people’s liberties.”

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Insider Intelligence launches financial services market research

Insider Intelligence, the combined research firm of BII and eMarketer, will be launching Financial Services coverage in Q4 after much preparation throughout 2020. We spoke to Research Director Dan Van Dyke to discuss what clients and readers can expect from Financial Services.

Q: What’s new with Financial Services coverage from Insider Intelligence? 

DVD: We’ve been hard at work on a new Financial Services research vertical focus that we’re gearing up to launch to clients soon. I’m excited to finally talk publicly about it. 

Earlier this year, eMarketer joined with Business Insider Intelligence to launch our combined company: Insider Intelligence. Since then, priority No. 1 has been launching a larger financial services offering, which will include our best research from both of these teams.

This year has brought a lot of change, but our commitment to expand our financial service research has only grown. We’ve nearly doubled our team to bring

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