Advising Capitol Hill on insurance

While other companies have been asking lawmakers for aid and support during the coronavirus pandemic, insurance company Allstate has spent its time lobbying against government intervention in their work.

The head of Allstate’s D.C. office, Saat Alety, successfully lobbied Congress against retroactively rewriting business interruption insurance contracts to cover lost income due to COVID-19 closures, an idea Democrats were pushing.

“The COVID-19 story that we have to tell in the insurance industry and for Allstate is a fascinating one. I would categorize this concept of government retroactively rewriting insurance policies as one of the worst ideas that emerged as a solution to the pandemic,” Alety told The Hill in a recent interview.

“Obviously the small-business community is in pain in this country, and Congress has tried to give them some relief and probably needs to do more, but having government rewrite our policies is to the extreme detriment of our

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Can I get a personal loan if I have student loans?

When you have student loans, getting a personal loan can be tricky. Lenders may see you as a risk. But there are ways to improve your chances of qualifying. (iStock)

If you’re a student loan borrower, it likely that you have significant student debt — even with the forbearance options currently available.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the average student loan at private for-profit colleges and universities was $7,614. The average student loan was $8,100 at private non-profit schools and $6,483 at public schools, according to Statista. Total student loan debt in the U.S. for the 2018-2019 school year totaled a whopping $106.2 billion. When you consider that it takes about 52 months to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it’s easy to see how debt can really add up.

With all that student debt, you may not want to take on more — but you may have to,

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Trump’s boasts about pre-coronavirus economy aren’t relevant, economists say

As President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden trade boasts and barbs over the former and current state of the economy, analysts have zeroed in on Trump’s claims of record-high job creation — which comes saddled with significant caveats.

“The job market is still a shadow of what it was prior to the pandemic,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

The White House bragged about the jobless rate falling from a peak of 14.7 percent in April to 8.4 percent in August, but that decrease obscures the sobering deficit that still remains of more than 11 million jobs, compared to the pre-pandemic labor market.

The picture is even grimmer for some worker subgroups: By February, Black unemployment had already begun to creep up from the 5.5 percent low it hit in the fall of 2019. Black unemployment skyrocketed to 16.7 percent in April and then rose

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Why Innovation Department Looks For The Overlooked Pockets Of Opportunities In Consumer Brands

The founders of Innovation Department believe that in the search for the next billion-dollar exit, there are pockets of opportunities being overlooked in consumer brands. Through a unique application of linear commerce, they have built brands like Wellpath by following a different approach to brand building. I sat down with Colin Darretta, the co-founder of the Innovation Department, and James Shalhoub, the CEO and founder of their newest brand Finn, to learn about this approach and how they are applying it with their newest launch.

Dave Knox: What is the background of starting the Innovation Department?

Colin Darretta: My co- founder, Alex, and I started Innovation Department several years ago with the belief that many of the core competencies integral to building digitally native brands could be scaled across several brands if you house them under one

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