Preparing For The Post-Stimulus Economy

Karla Dennis, EA, MST & CEO of The Award Winning Tax Accounting Firm Karla Dennis and Associates Inc. — Specializing In Tax Planning

The U.S. economy has been artificially inflated due to the fiscal and monetary stimulus measures the government put in place for individuals and business owners affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, I believe the country is going to be feeling the effects of the recession even more in the upcoming election term and beyond after the current economic stimulus measures disappear. Many individuals and business owners have been enjoying the spoils of these programs, but will be feeling the sting of the recession in the upcoming year as the positive effects of the stimulus dissipate. So what can individuals and business owners do now to best prepare?


If you are an employed individual, you may be receiving extra money in your paycheck due

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Talcott Resolution employees respond favorably to a financial services business showing strength in a pandemic

During a pandemic and the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression, Talcott Resolution, a life insurance and annuities company in its third year in business, has been hiring.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Pete Sannizzaro, president and chief executive officer of Talcott Resolution.

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Pete Sannizzaro, president and chief executive officer of Talcott Resolution.

The privately held Windsor company, which employs 430, has taken on 39 new workers, with 35 beginning since the company began operating remotely March 13, said Diane Krajewski, chief human resources officer and head of operations. It also hired 10 interns for eight weeks this summer in its actuarial, finance and legal departments.

Financial stability has not been lost on employees of Talcott Resolution, which ranks No. 1 in The Courant Top Workplaces survey for 2020 among midsize companies, the second consecutive year it’s taken the top spot.

Talcott Resolution also has offices in Woodbury, Minnesota, and 30% of the 430 employees at both sites had

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