How to Stop Relying on Payday Loans

Here’s how to cut payday loans out of your life for good.

Payday loans are like a black hole. They suck in your money and trap you in a vicious cycle of borrowing. If you’re a payday loan customer, it can feel overwhelming. But you can break the cycle and stop relying on payday loans.

How payday loans work

Let’s say you need money fast. Your electricity has been shut off for non-payment, or your car has blown a gasket. Your savings account is empty, and you think your credit score is too low to qualify for a bank loan. You won’t get paid for another 10 days and decide to borrow some money to see you through.

If you live in a state that allows payday lenders, you might visit a physical location or go online. Payday lenders make it easy. All you need is your identification, a pay

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COVID-19: Trump Advisor Says Extra Stimulus Not Needed

COVID-19 Trump stimulus


Economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

More coronavirus stimulus money isn’t necessarily needed in order to revamp the economy, according to President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

On September 22, the director of the National Economic Council expressed on CNBC’s The Exchange that, even if certain industries could benefit from a second round of relief, the funds aren’t required.

“I don’t think the V-shaped recovery depends on the package, but I do think a targeted package could be a great help,” Kudlow stated. “Even though I think the economy is improving nicely, it could use some help in some key, targeted places.”

He also commented on the White House’s efforts to secure additional aid for schools and the Paycheck Protection Program, which offers small businesses loans in return for employers keeping staff on payrolls.

“We also wanted to extend the assistance plan, the PPP plan, to small business. I

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Why The Cloud Is The Safest Bet For The Financial Services Industry

Upending traditional ideas about securing financial data brings a wealth of possibility. Bryson Koehler, Chief Technology Officer at Equifax, explains why.

When I think of my career journey—and even my upbringing and time as an Eagle Scout—I’ve always had a passion for leaving things better than I found them. This has served me well in my career, but it reached a new poignancy when I joined Equifax after the data breach in 2017. A data breach is an awful event for any organization, not to mention the end users or customers impacted by it. After an event like this, you have to make fundamental changes to be better than any threat. And what we

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