Best Personal Loans for Good Credit of September 2020

What Credit Score Range Do You Fall Into?

  • Excellent Credit: 800–850
  • Very Good Credit: 740–799
  • Good Credit: 670–739
  • Fair Credit: 580–669
  • Poor Credit: under 580

What Is a Good Credit Score to Get a Personal Loan?

It’s safe to assume that the higher your credit score, the more doors are open for you. That means more lenders are willing to offer you personal loans at the lowest rates and best terms. While 670 is the minimum “good” FICO credit score, lenders tend to give preference to those with at least a 690 score, and more so if you have an excellent credit score closer to the 800 range. 

Where is The Best Place to Get a Personal Loan With Good Credit?

The good news is that there are plenty of lenders that offer personal loans for borrowers with good credit. Options include banks, credit unions, brick and mortar institutions, and

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How Event Performers Are Pivoting and Making Money with New Platforms

At the start of the pandemic, as event cancellations and venue shutdowns became commonplace, musicians and DJs were quick to embrace (if they hadn’t already) the virtual world, hosting listening parties via platforms such as Instagram and Twitch. But there was a sense that it was all just a band-aid solution until in-person events started up again. Fast forward several months later and the need for more dedicated platforms and virtual spaces is still very real.

Also, livestreamed events, especially those centered around music, involve certain challenges like royalties and monetization. Plus, just like in-person events, there’s the paperwork such as booking and scheduling, payment, and marketing.

Skrachy, which is currently in beta, provides DJs with tools to monetize their business.Skrachy, which is currently in beta, provides DJs with tools to monetize their business.Photo: Courtesy of SkrachyTo help DJs navigate the digital realm more easily, Kevan Cooper founded Skrachy, a new app platform for live listening experiences. But as opposed

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