Looming pain for tenants with freeze on rental evictions set to end as economic fallout of coronavirus continues

Tenants Queensland says the Federal Government must extend a moratorium on rental evictions to stop thousands of tenants in financially precarious situations from “falling off a cliff” amid the ongoing economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, the Government imposed a ban on landlords evicting tenants who had lost jobs or income due to the pandemic.

The freeze has applied to any tenants who has suffered an income loss of 25 per cent, and to those whose rent equates to more than 30 per cent of their income.

With the freeze on evictions due to end on September 30, advocacy groups and tenants are anxious for extensions to be granted until December 31.

Mum risks homelessness amid rent dispute

Joanne Harding-Smith rents a shopfront in Samford, north of Brisbane, where she runs a travel agency business.

Due to global coronavirus travel restrictions, Ms Harding-Smith lost 97.3 per cent

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