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Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Finance is a study which figures out how people, businesses and groups make and use money. It can mean:

  • Thinking about money
  • Thinking about how to control money to make profit
  • Studying how to take chances in projects that make money
  • As a verb, “to finance” is to provide money for business.

The process of finance is learning how people and groups act in managing their money, and most of all how they manage making money, and making a profit, with spending money, or making a loss.

A group that makes more money than it spends can lend or invest the excess profit. On the other hand, a group that makes less money than it spends can raise money by getting a loan or selling stock, or spending less, or making more money.

A bank is where many people borrowing money meet people lending money. A bank gets money from

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