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Why Netflix’s Money Heist makes the case for Bitcoin

Season 4 of Netflix’s hit series, Money Heist—or “La Casa de Papel” in Spanish—is set to hit screens today. And according to hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, it’s the perfect parallel for Bitcoin and decentralization. 

Money Heist features a band of anonymous robbers who target centralized finance institutions to destabilize the financial system. But Ledger claims the systems would be much more resilient if they were more decentralized.

“Security is one of the elements where centralized financial institutions can struggle,” reads the blog post. “This emerges from the simple fact that they’re a central storage space for a lot of people’s money, meaning there’s an enormous potential loot for thieves. This makes it an enticing target, and thieves know exactly where to go to steal this.”

Decentralized platforms—and by proxy, decentralized money—hold significant benefits over their centralized counterparts, Ledger claims. Primarily, within decentralized systems, individuals control their money and it’s not

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Dirty money: The case against cash in times of the coronavirus outbreak

On Friday, South Korea’s central bank said it was taking all banknotes out of circulation for two weeks — and burning some — to reduce the spread of the virus, according to Reuters. It follows China’s massive initiative around deep cleaning potentially infected cash with ultraviolet light and high temperatures, and in some cases, destroying it. The treated cash comes from high-risk infection areas, such as hospitals.
Meanwhile, the Louvre museum in Paris this week banned cash amid the outbreak. Its decision to accept only credit card payments was part of an effort to make staffers feel more comfortable about returning to work, according to the Associated Press.
The concerns over cash come as the global number of people infected by the coronavirus nears 100,000, mostly in China. The outbreak may just drive up adoption of mobile payments, a newer technology that has long trailed behind cash in the US,
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