MBA Finance | MBA in International Business and Finance

MBA Finance

Why Study MBA Finance

The MBA in International Business and Finance (MBA in Finance) prepares students for the ever-changing needs of the international market. With a major focus on financial and accounting strategy, our faculty members ensure that students acquire analytical skills and management skills that help them effectively run a business at domestic and international level.

This MBA in Finance program is being developed in response to the large demand for a postgraduate qualification focused on accounting and finance but grounded within the international business environment. The scarcity of qualified students possessing a qualification that encompasses both finance and business knowledge and skills has created a vacuum in the region. Our MBA Finance program is designed to reflect the evolving nature of business and the critical role of accounting and finance play in organisations, economies and the markets. The program focuses on enhancing strategic analytical skills, business insight, and adaptive thinking.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds including accountancy, finance, engineering, mathematics, and economics. During group activities, they help each other develop an all-around sense of international financial management. This MBA program lasts for 18 months and follows a semester system.

MBA in Finance Accreditation

The MBA International Business and Finance will qualify students for maximum exemptions in ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), besides offering them another 9 international accreditation and professional memberships along with the course.

No other MBA in Finance is built-in with maximum international accreditation and exposure, enabling our students to take professional advantage straight out of graduating from the university in the UAE.

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