How French Women Age Gracefully

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How French Women Age Gracefully

French women are famed for their ability to look stylish and attractive. This national attribute is a fine quality to have at any stage in life, but it really comes into its own when a woman reaches her more mature years. There are quite a few useful tips that American women can learn from observing how French women age gracefully.


  1. Grooming is important. Every woman can hold back the effects of age by taking care with her personal appearance. Regular visits to the hair salon, well laundered clothes, and careful application of makeup are all essential elements of an older woman’s routine. A full-length mirror beside the door will encourage her to make a last-minute check that she looks her best.
  1. Simple but elegant outfits should be chosen to suit an older woman’s face and body shape. Generally, this means sharp tailoring with a classical touch, rather than very revealing or on-trend fashions. As a woman grows older, she learns what makes her look good. This wisdom is a powerful asset, and it should be used to project confidence and calm.
  1. A healthy weight makes a woman appear younger. French woman eat freshly prepared, natural food and they may drink a little wine. Keeping slim and fit is one strategy that certainly could help American woman to age gracefully.
  1. Taking time for rest and relaxation is another age-defying tactic that French women know all about. A vacation, a shopping trip, a therapeutic massage, or a visit to a wellness clinic are all ideal ways to chill out. These activities renew body and mind, especially in later years.

5. Finally, the ability to enjoy relationships with friends and family is a wonderful way of keeping alert and interested in life. This gives youthful serenity to a woman and ensures that she will retain her poise and age gracefully, just as women do in Paris today.

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