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Distress Restructuring?

What is distress restructuring? How do we define it? When is it carried out? How? (…)



List of Investment Mantras

Let’s collect a list of investment mantras here!
If possible, let’s also add the circumstances / market conditions tha (…)



Taming Inflation in India

What do you think about RBI’s money tightening policy?
Who can suggest other measures to tame inflation in India? (…)



NEW Cryptocurrencies PROs and CONs

A cryptocurrency is an electronic means of payment and payment system that uses a peer-to-peer network which is fully de (…)



Investing by Business Firms

Many people, when they hear the term “investment”, probably think of investing in financial securities. However, investi (…)



The Equity Method in Accounting

The Equity Method is a tool of accounting used by companies to record their equity investments in a separate company or (…)



Best Practices about Finance and Investing

Here you find the most valuable discussions from the past.


Minority Shares Buyback

Hi, I’d like to ask about accounting for shares buyback for the following case:
10% of the shares of company A are owne (…)



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