Certified Financial Analyst Chartered Financial Planner Chartered Financial Manager

Earn Accredited Financial Certifications  We are an accredited global certification body.  We are

Earn Accredited
Financial Certifications 

We are an accredited global certification
body.  We are EU Accredited and ISO 29990 Certified for Education.

We offer professional designations and
certifications in the areas of:  management, finance, risk, project management, wealth management,
economics or human resources, you have come to the right place to maximize your business education and degree
opportunities. Apply today and Email your Resume for Approval


1) Financial Certification Waivers  –  If you have an earned masters degree or  : MA MBA MS CPA
JD, or PHD. Please apply. If you have licenses in finance and insurance or engineering, please also

2) You may apply directly for certification with your resume or CV.  Please email financialcertified@yahoo.com with your CV and tell us which
certifications you are qualified for.

3) We can review your application within 72 hours and tell you if you are qualified for our TUV
accredited program credentials.


Welcome to GAFM®  Global Academy of Finance and
Management ® International Board of Standards.   Our Global Board of Standards Accreditation council
for financial analysts and financial planners is located in the EU and USA.  Our  Certification
Body regulates the  standards for certification and accredited educationAccredited Certification Finance Management Planning Project criteria for qualified training and degree programs which are a direct path to our
certifications. The Board of Standards  awards designations and board certification in
the finance, accounting, risk, economics, and management consulting areas.  The GAFM/IBS  is
TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and Training.

Because our financial certifications and designation requirements
are based on accredited-earned degrees and exams from the best global degree programs, our standards are unmatched.
Thus we confer designations which are based on accredited degrees, training, education and qualified

The GAFM® was established in 1996 by the original founders of the
Tax and Estate Planning Law Review. Our Advisory Board is composed of members from over 50
nations including:  CEOs, Executives, Professors, Deans,  and industry experts from around the
globe. We desire to raise education standards and ethics in the business and management industries.

GAFM ® Top Certification Programs and Federally Protected Trademarks

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of our
 Approved Reseller
 – Apply Now to be an accredited training partner
and offer our Certifications along with your Existing Qualified Training.  Graduates of
approved training providers are Automatically Qualified for Certification. 
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Certifications Designations Chartered Management Consultant Financial Analyst Institute of Certified Management Financial Consultants Analysts Accredited Management Accountant Consultant Certified 



* As seen in the guides for the: U. S.
Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.  GAFM approved exams include ACBSP and AACSB
accredited business school programs recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

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