The Best Rated Pet Hair Vacuums

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The Best Rated Pet Hair Vacuums

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I’m what the youth these days would call “old school”, fair and square. I’m from another generation, one in which we grew up expecting that when we bought an appliance, it would work, work well, and continue to do so until we no longer had any use for it. I’m deeply saddened these days by the throwaway, disposable culture, as it is referred to. I abhor cheap plastic manufacturing. It makes me so sad to think about all the great American factories and companies that used to exist and make wonderful home appliances, when all I’m able to find at my local department stores these days are cheap, plastic machines that don’t work well at all, and feel as though they’re about to disintegrate.


Do bear all that in mind as you read on. Recently, I found myself simply overwhelmed by the quantity of cat hair in my house, having adopted two tabbies earlier in the year. I had made do for the longest time with my old central vacuum, which was wonderful for its time, but is simply not something that modern companies will maintain. Bereft of my old appliance, I set out on a search to find a new vacuum.

best rated pet hair vacuums for pet owners

May I take this moment to express my utter disgust with what I found. Every vacuum these days seems to be made of the same paper-thin, cheap plastic parts that feel as though they’re on the verge of giving way at the slightest touch. Out of the department store I quickly went, back home to my computer. I’m so thankful for Google in times like these. One feels as though there are no options besides those in the department store, but I suppose that’s rather the intention, isn’t it?I resorted to searching after the best stair vacuum cleaner reviews on google, and finally happened upon the Miele brand of appliances from Germany. From what I can see, they’re something like what KitchenAid used to be here in America. A company who takes pride in what they make, putting thought and effort into designs and using quality parts.


I purchased a Miele Titan because the website recommended it as the best for me to deal with pet hair. I couldn’t be more pleased, dear reader! That is in spite of the fact that I paid twice the price of the plastic equivalent to get this German machine. The Titan is wonderfully ergonomic, which is very important to a little old lady like me. It feels very well thought-through, and I find the wand very helpful for my carpeted stairs. They seemed like such a good idea in the 90s, but now that I have my kitties, they’re simply fluffy with stray furs.


I also am delighted by the vacuum bags on my little Titan. I detest using vacuums that have no bags, as they’re disgustingly dirty and unsanitary. This wonderful machine has bags that seal themselves, so as I remove them from the chamber, not a single hair comes free! How delightful.

best rated pet hair vacuums

I can’t think of a single criticism for the Titan, which is truly saying something. It works very well on my carpets when I use the electric motor brush. I also love the velour pet hair attachment for my armchairs, where my friends tend to nest when I’m not reading. Simply put, it’s old-fashioned in the best sense. The brushes are real bristle, not the plasticized components I’ve been so disappointed by on American brands. As I’m quite a collector of elegant trinkets, having a dusting brush with an element of finesse is essential. It’s no wonder to me that this vacuum consistently came in at the top of rankings for the best-rated vacuum for those wishing to clean up after pets.
I do expect this is the last vacuum I shall need to buy, and not simply because I’m getting on in years. This feels like something I could give to my son when I’ve passed on, which is not something I could say for my toaster, my lawnmower, or any of my other recent purchases. I’m about to order a Miele coffee maker as well, and I’m endlessly excited. I used to be such a loyal customer for years until the big American brands went overseas and began to cut quality. To discover a wonderful company that still makes excellent appliances is a real treat, and I wanted to share my discovery with you!

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