14+ gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

Thursday, November 22nd 2018. | Vorlage Beispiel
14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

14+ Gutschein Vorlage Sehr Beliebt

gutschein vorlage sehr beliebt

An centralized Kokomo Badge Administration advertisement shows that above Capt. Kevin Summers disconnected a 2016 cartage stop in an attack to arrest his son’s arrest and abstain the embarrassment that could aftereffect from a booking at the Howard Canton Jail.

The memo, acquired by the Tribune through a accessible annal request, describes an adventure that took abode while Summers was alive for countywide appointment and complex him cogent an Indiana State Badge trooper that his son was “innocent” afore acknowledging he didn’t appetite the 24-year-old’s “name in the paper.”

Undated, the centralized certificate was accounting by KPD Maj. Tony Arnett and beatific to Badge Chief Rob Baker and recounts affectionate accommodation of conversations that took abode on the ancillary of Dixon Alley amid Summers and the trooper.

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Arnett, who in contempo weeks contacted at atomic one actuality complex in the incident, and Baker both bootless to acknowledgment assorted requests for comment. Meanwhile, an breadth sheriff complex that night has accustomed genitalia of the KPD account.

Summers has beneath to allege about what took place, instead balustrade adjoin bounded media for what he declared an archetype of “character assassination.”

In backward 2018, Summers emerged at the beginning of Kokomo’s political arena afterwards advertisement that he would seek the Democratic choice for ambassador this spring.

That advertisement drew the ire of the Howard Canton Democratic Affair and sparked a separate, accessible allegation of attempted bribery involving Summers.

But the centralized advertisement provides the best abundant annual yet of accessible abnormal conduct committed by Summers during his two-decade career with the KPD.

The adventure started at 8:52 p.m. Aug. 5, 2016, back a car apprenticed by Colton Summers was chock-full on Dixon Alley by Indiana State Trooper Adam Moore for boundless speed, according to Arnett’s account.

During the stop, Moore credible that Colton, who is currently an agent with the city’s artery department, was capital on a Monroe Canton accreditation for battery.

The advertisement does not detail the declared adventure that led to the warrant, and an official with the Monroe Canton clerk’s appointment said the case did not appearance up in the county’s bent database.

It is cryptic whether Colton anytime faced accuse consistent from the array warrant.

Meanwhile, Kevin Summers anon accustomed at the traffic-stop scene, claiming he was “there to ‘back up’ the trooper,” addendum the memo. It is additionally cryptic how Summers aboriginal heard about the cartage stop.

Summers bound asked Moore whether it was accessible to let Colton leave the scene.

“The trooper is brash by Capt. Summers, ‘That is my son.’ The trooper explains that Colton has an alive accreditation and no he will not let him go,” explains Arnett’s memo.

In response, Summers reportedly told Moore that “his son is innocent and this has been absolute out of proportion,” requesting that Colton be appear to his ancestor so Summers “can carriage Colton himself anon to the Monroe Canton Jail.”

Moore afresh denied Summers.

It was then, alleges the memo, that Summers accepted to Moore that he didn’t “want Colton’s name in the cardboard and asks that Colton be taken to accession bastille (outside Howard County).”

At the time of the incident, Summers was in a acrimonious chase for the Howard Canton Lath of Commissioners’ additional commune bench adjoin bounden Tyler Moore, who would deeply defeat Summers in November 2016 with 55 percent of the vote.

Summers, however, was continuously rebuffed by trooper Moore.

Despite Summers’ appeal about abrogating publicity, Moore remained adamant: Colton was headed to the Howard Canton Jail.

“The trooper says Capt. Summers walks abroad actual agitated and gets on the phone,” reads the memo. “A few account afterwards Capt. Summers allotment to the trooper with his buzz in his duke and says, he wants to allocution to you.”

On the added end of the band was Tipton Canton Sheriff Tony Frawley.

Moore took the buzz and began speaking with Frawley. It was again absitively that Frawley would booty Colton on account of Monroe County, and Moore, in an credible change of heart, agreed to carriage Colton to the Tipton Canton Jail.

“Not to go to Howard County,” emphasized Arnett.

Day afterwards advertisement mayoral bid, Summers retires from KPD

Kokomo Badge Capt. Kevin Summers declared his abrupt and actual retirement Wednesday mor…

Once Colton accustomed at the jail, Tipton Canton sheriff’s assembly fabricated arrange to alteration Colton from their bastille to a Monroe Canton deputy. The two abandon ultimately met south of Indianapolis to agree the transfer.

“All this took abode aural a few hours of the antecedent cartage stop,” ends the memo.

ISP Accessible Information Administrator Tony Slocum said that troopers generally use their own acumen back chief what bastille to booty a suspect.

Depending on distance, a actuality that’s been arrested is generally taken to bastille in the canton that the arrest happened. However, if the canton that issued the accreditation is nearby, a trooper can booty the doubtable to that county’s jail.

The Monroe Canton Bastille is 110 afar from the Howard Canton Jail.

Trooper Moore did not acknowledgment a appeal for comment.

In an interview, however, Frawley said Summers was afraid about Colton’s safety, not accessible publicity. It could be dangerous, he noted, for a cop’s son to be confined in the canton area his ancestor works.

“Here’s how that chat went as I recall: Kevin’s affair was not about it actuality in the paper, but about him actuality confined in the canton bastille of a canton that he works,” said Frawley.

“And that too would be a affair of mine. So I artlessly agreed to be the agent amid Howard Canton and Monroe County, and get him to Monroe County.”

He added: “I would do that for anybody, to abstain that bearings that I anticipate ability not go able-bodied for anybody involved, as far as incarcerating the son of accession in the canton area the ancestor works.”

While the advertisement is undated, Frawley said he was contacted by Arnett about the bearings as afresh as bristles or six weeks ago, and told him “the aforementioned affair I aloof told you.”

Arnett did not explain the timing of the call, said Frawley.

It was in aboriginal December, however, back Summers was reassigned from the KPD’s Association Services Unit to its acreage room. A accessible altercation amid Summers and administration leaders about the timing of the move afterwards led to an centralized investigation.

“As a aftereffect of his abortion to acknowledge and acquaint to associates of the authoritative staff, (of which he is a member), and, additionally, because he has bootless to complete tasks that he accept been assigned to him in a appropriate address as the Association Account Officer, Capt. Summers was reassigned on Dec. 5, 2018, to the K.P.D. Acreage Room,” said Maj. Brian Seldon in a statement.

A day afterwards the centralized analysis opened, which came on the aforementioned day he appear his mayoral candidacy, Summers declared his abrupt and actual retirement.

There is no adumbration that Summers was punished anon afterwards the 2016 incident.


Kokomo Badge Administration Capt. Kevin Summers and Ethan Thatcher attending advanced as Thatcher makes a aciculate about-face while cutting goggles that simulate a bashed driver’s eyes during a bashed active simulation at the Youth Badge Academy on Friday, June 24, 2016. Kelly Lafferty Gerber | Kokomo Tribune

Kelly Lafferty Gerber

When accomplished by buzz Tuesday, Summers beneath to allege about the advertisement but bemoaned the abstraction that it was newsworthy.

If reporters are activity to “trash people’s families,” said Summers, again it is time to “fold up bounded media.”

“When you go backwards in life, you’re activity to run off the alley and it makes no address whatsoever. And if you guys alpha to appoint in that you’re aloof like the blow of the media. … Some advertisement or whatever you guys got that’s two years old or three years old or 10 years old, do yourself a favor and our community, let’s go advanced instead of backwards,” he remarked.

“You guys appetite the controversy. Is that what you want? You guys appetite to ruin our association in that capacity?”

At one point, Summers said the media would face “backlash” for its reporting.

“I anticipate with you guys advertisement that, you guys are accepting the backfire too,” he said. “I’ve had bodies that are agitated that our bounded media and everybody wants to appoint in that conversation. So I don’t anticipate it’s activity to account anybody.

“Not alone that, the bodies that appetite to go bottomward that route, I anticipate the backfire is activity to be there too.”

So far, abundant of the bounded backfire has targeted Summers.

His affliction antagonism advertisement affronted the Howard Canton Democratic Party, which already accustomed Summers and his alienation from the bounded Republican Affair in 2015 but now accuses him of austere delinquency aural the city’s badge department.

“Kevin Summers is alone alive because he is agitated that Ambassador [Greg] Goodnight banned to breach the rules in adjustment to appoint Kevin’s son as a badge officer,” affair armchair Kathy Skiles said.

“Kevin again attempted to beset the Ambassador into defying KPD procedures and hiring process. It is both sad and adverse that Summers has absitively that his own claimed demands are added important than the affection of our badge force and the advancement of our city.”

Summers ahead beneath to allege about Skiles’ specific accusations, instead criticizing her for bringing “the families in.”

Notably, Summers served with the Kokomo Badge Administration for 20 years and has been a citizen of Howard Canton for added than 50 years. In accession to two agreement on the Common Council, Summers ahead served on the academy lath for the Kokomo Academy Corp.

He currently is confined as a lath affiliate for the Carver Association Center. He additionally has served as a carnality admiral of the Kokomo Cartage Commission and carnality admiral of the Howard Canton Solid Waste District.

And as the KPD’s association account officer, he was one of the best arresting faces in bounded law enforcement, interacting with bodies at assorted contest throughout the city.

Meanwhile, bounden Democratic Ambassador Greg Goodnight is accepted to seek re-election, although he has alone about accustomed that he will accomplish a “campaign announcement” in January.

George Myers can be accomplished at 765-454-8585, by email at Media or on Twitter @gmyerskt.

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